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Dates for “Robbie Williams Request Week”: June 10, 2013- June 16, 2013 On June 14 (2013), British superstar Robbie Williams will embark on his first stadium tour in what feels like a while. The &#...
Jun 2013
The relevance of follow-up singles as instruments that sustain the momentum for an album is becoming questionable at best these days. Digital music stores (iTunes etc) and on-demand streaming services...
Feb 2013
This review is by our highly talented affiliate blogger Sarah Hamilton from Popledge UK.  The new album Robbie Williams album “Take The Crown” has been a highly anticipated piece of work....
Nov 2012
In comparison with the confines of the “cookie cutter pop” scene of the US, the UK and Europe must be a haven for the music artist that wants to reinvent his or her sound and explore all a...
Sep 2012