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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I listen to Radio Creme Brulee outside the US?

Absolutely. You can listen to us outside the US on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Do I need to pay to listen to Radio Creme Brulee?

No. Radio Creme Brulee is a FREE broadcast.

Do you have an app for your broadcast?

We sure do. Find out how to listen to our broadcast on your phone by clicking HERE.

What does Radio Creme Brulee provide that terrestrial broadcast stations do not?

We believe in a musical meritocracy. Sadly, since 1996, there has been a rather rampant phenomenon of “pay for radio play” in the radio industry. This basically means that a large share of newer artists need their record label to pay the big 4 radio companies large sums of money in order for their artist’s song to get played. In addition to this being a highly illegal practice, it undermines the ability of many great artists to get their music out into the world to a larger audience as opposed to a niche audience. Our variety within the pop sphere is large and we feature a LOT of music from Europe. Contrary to popular belief, Adele is NOT the only British solo artist worth listening to from modern music (although she is pretty amazing!). We also play a lot of new material from artists that rose to prominence in yesteryear provided the new material compares to the material that made these artists famous. We do have a quality benchmark. We do NOT play new music by older artists simply because of a sense of loyalty to that artist or band.

With uni-cast services such as Pandora and LastFM, what is my incentive to listen to Radio Creme Brulee?

Fair question. First, we think both music services are awesome and they definitely have their place in the internet music radio world. We here are fans of both services. What we have to offer at Radio Creme Brulee in addition to these services is high-rotation of new music soon after it releases or prior to its release. Neither of these two services do that  – not because they cannot but that simply is NOT the focus of their service. Since they offer a personalized music experience, they do not take personal requests or song dedications. Their playlists are run by algorithms – and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Sometimes, these algorithms give you the experience you want and sometimes they do not. That is a basic limitation of algorithms in general. We believe that the appeal of traditional broadcast radio lies in its element of surprise for the listeners – and that surprise is created by a human music playlist programmer as opposed to an algorithm.

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