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2015 appears to be the 30th anniversary for key milestones for some of pop music’s biggest superstars. Each of these acts wants to celebrate this milestone by going on tour. British blue-eyed so...
Jun 2015
The much awaited new New Order album now has a release date. The album titled “Music Complete” will see the light of day on September 25, 2015.  This is the first album of newly recorded ...
Jun 2015
The surprise element of last year’s Billboard Music Awards was the appearance of Norwegian pop/rock trio a-ha‘s magnetic frontman Morten Harket on stage alongside Cuban rapper Pitbull and Chri...
Feb 2014
A “signature” hit can be a boon and a bane for an artist/band. Its advantage is that the artist or band can instantly be linked to a song that everyone knows. The flipside is that it can eclipse a...
May 2013
Every generation has spawned its share of “one hit” wonders. These “one hit” wonders are fairly abundant commodities in the sphere of pop music. It is the “one album̶...
May 2013
It does not seem that long ago that I found myself putting together Radio Creme Brulee’s “Top 10 Singles of 2011”. This year was supposed to be a big one with veteran artists such as...
Dec 2012
Here is a conversation that happened in a car ride two months ago with me and a bunch of my business school friends. We were on our way to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. I was driving and hence call...
Aug 2012
a-ha frontman released his new solo album “Out Of My Hands” in parts of Europe a few weeks ago. This week, the album will get a broader release for the album and allows those of us in Nort...
May 2012
Bonus tracks and exclusive tracks have been in existence for decades. In the vinyl era, they manifested themselves as b-sides. B-sides served as a clever avenue to ensure that record labels could sell...
Apr 2012