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Some of our blog readers and radio station listeners might occasionally get the sense that our feelings towards the modern pop music landscape brim with pessimism. While this might be largely true, w...
Mar 2016
First, we need to extend our sincerest apologies for being two weeks late with this post. We generally publish the top voted songs of 2015 (by our listeners) on New Years Eve. Due to unforeseen circum...
Jan 2016
Towards the end of every year, we ask our listeners and patrons to take a look back at the music of the year and offer their opinions on the best that the year had to offer – musically speaking....
Dec 2015
Around a year ago, we published our annual post for “Veteran artists to look out for in 2014”. There was a lot of excitement around that post. Some of that excitement was warranted. Some c...
Dec 2014
“Cracking America” is the illusory dream of every non-American artist. For many, it is the pinnacle of stardom and a pathway to affluence and perhaps even life-long financial freedom. In t...
Feb 2014
This review is by our guest bloggers Nadine and Josh from RickAstleyNews. They were one of the few recipients of an “advance” copy of the new Rick Astley album titled “My Red Book...
Dec 2012
This review is by our highly talented affiliate blogger Sarah Hamilton from Popledge UK. Mika has produced an album of two halves, one keeps fans of tracks such as ‘Grace Kelly’ and R...
Nov 2012
There is one more full day to go (at least in the part of the world I am currently in) before 2011 comes to its grand end. As I look back at this past year in music, I definitely see a lot of blooming...
Dec 2011
By guest blogger Mike Brown Isn’t it funny how musical tastes can change? Ten years ago, as a teenager, I was a self-confessed heavy metal addict. I was on a musical diet of nothing but big hair...
Apr 2011