cc14januarypicatfbkOur article titled “Culture Club 2012 is an exciting prospect” (published in September 2012) was clearly premature. In the last two years, there was a lot of excitement revolving around a potential Culture Club reunion that lead singer Boy George had announced in a television interview. When the band previewed a new song titled “Universal Love” at a New Years Eve show in Sydney, hopes of the band’s legions of fans across the world soared – and then it seemed like things went very quiet. In late 2013, Boy George released a solo album titled “This Is What I Do” (which featured the fantastic lead single “King Of Everything”). His solo endeavor suggested that some of the band’s issues had resurfaced and that the new project was shelved. In our interview with Boy George in October 2013, he put these rumors to rest by emphatically stating that Culture Club was on track to be back in the recording studio in 2014 to complete work on an album they had started over two years ago.

Now, we have even more concrete information. In December, Culture Club is slated to go on tour in the UK (hopefully us Americans will not have to wait too long). Apparently, 19 tracks have been recorded. There are tentative plans for a new single to surface in the fall and an album to follow in early 2015. Hopefully, ageism does not prevail in mainstream media’s music outlets and Culture Club has a fair chance of charting again. “Universal Love”, the song they played at live gigs in Dubai and Sydney two years ago is a Culture Club essential. We sure hope the rest of the material lives up to the standard of this great song.

In a recent interview with Lorraine Kelly, the original members of Culture Club have discussed their plans for the immediate future and are set to win the hearts of their global fanbase all over again – and definitely pick up scores of new fans too. Here is the interview with Lorraine Kelly:



And here is a full-length clip of a live version of “Universal Love”. We’re guessing the version of this song below is in a fairly raw state so one can only imagine how good the final studio version will be.

So are you nearly as excited about this reunion as we are? Feel free to comment below!

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