At Radio Creme Brulee, it is no secret that we love “musical” surprises – especially during times when we expect long lulls in the creation of high-quality radio-friendly pop/rock music. While 2012 looks like a great year in terms of new releases by veteran artists, none of the releases were scheduled to happen earlier than this month. This means that the lull in the music industry could have had a ripple effect on our high-rotation playlist (that typically features brand new tracks) earlier this year. Fortunately, we did have a “musical bailout” and it came from a rather unexpected source – the frontman of new wave band Kajagoogoo – the one and only Limahl!

Limahl got us off to a brilliant start this year with his infectious dance-pop single “1983”. We have showered this song with an abundance of praise in our blog post titled “Limahl presents 2012’s first great pop song“. This song sees Limahl scaling new musical territory. It fits comfortably within the realms of the 2012 pop music scene while embodying Limahl’s personal stamp.

Veteran artists such as Limahl are a privilege to chat with. They bring a perspective that is a culmination of many years of experience in a changing music industry. On March 12, 2012, I had the golden opportunity to interview Limahl. He is every bit the classy pop star that the media makes him out to be and an absolute pleasure to talk to. In our conversation, in addition to discussing his new single, we also took a short little walk down memory lane to explore the highlights of his career as well as some of the “should have been” highlights. So without further ado, I present to you our interview (below) with Limahl.

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