Here is a conversation that happened in a car ride two months ago with me and a bunch of my business school friends. We were on our way to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. I was driving and hence called the shots on what music played in the car as we drove into a northern neighborhood of Chicago. This is how the conversation played out?

My friend: Hey, what is the name of this song that’s playing right now? It’s really good.
Me: It’s called “Falling Down”

My friend: Hmm…nice..who is it by?
Me: Duran Duran

My friend: Really, how is it that I’ve never heard this on the radio?
Me: It’s a newer song. It was released a few years ago.

My friend: What? Duran Duran is still around?
Me: Yes, they’ve had three albums out since they reunited in 2004.

This is the tragedy that many bands have met. Bands that rose to prominence in the 80s have done very well for themselves financially but have been relegated to the past. Terrestrial radio has not embraced their new music – despite the fact that some of these bands just might be at the top of their game with their material released in the past decade. Other noteworthy bands that fall into this category include a-ha and Kajagoogoo.  INXS was able to escape the “80s curse” by resorting to reality television to reignite their profile. Duran Duran continues to get the short end of the stick when it comes to the acceptance of their new music. Songs such as “Falling Down”, “Girl Panic” and “What happens tomorrow” are some of the finest in their 30-year music career. All these songs have been released in the past decade.

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