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Limahl presents 2012’s first great pop song

10 January 2012 6 Comments
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In our 2011 year-end post on the “Veteran acts to look out for in 2012”, we noticed a few noteworthy omissions. One of the first of those omissions relates to the charismatic Kajagoogoo frontman Limahl. After what seemed like a highly unlikely reunion with his former bandmates from Kajagoogoo, things seemed to have gone quiet for a long time – until now.

Limahl’s new single “1983” is an ode to the “New Wave” heyday – that amazing and glamorous period during which Limahl rose to stardom as the lead singer of Kajagoogoo. The song makes several references to some of the defining sounds (“Futuristic drum machines and monophonic beeps”) and vivid imagery (“Androgynous identity was so risque but so chic”) that constituted the pop culture of the early 80s. Limahl also gives a subtle “shout out” to his contemporaries such as Duran Duran and Human League – both of whom dominated the face and sound of pop music back in the early 80s. On listening to the track, one cannot help but be reminded of a more eventful and non-conformist period in the history of music. Artists had immense freedom to express themselves lyrically and artistically while unapologetically blurring the conventional boundaries of sexuality.

The song’s lyrics suggest that Limahl longs for that “New Wave” period and in all fairness, why wouldn’t he? Yet, stylistically the song sounds nothing like a “New Wave” track. It is a straight out modern dance track with Limahl’s trademark cool vocals gliding over a pulsating beat. The verses build up to an insanely catchy chorus that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head.  It sounds like nothing Limahl has ever recorded. It looks like he has found a “sound” that makes him fit comfortably within the realms of the music of 2012 without sounding even remotely generic. This is the vein that he ought to continue in – and we sure hope he does. It is great to see that 29 years in the music business have not eroded his ability to craft a great pop song. “1983” is the fruit of a musical partnership with fellow co-writers/producers Stig Antonsen, Tommy Olsen, and Rune Maurtvedt. One can only hope that his partnership bears more delectable fruit.

Here at Radio Creme Brulee, we applaud and thank Limahl for getting us off to a brilliant start for 2012.  “1983” released this morning so what are you waiting for? Please go ahead and download 2012’s first truly great pop song by CLICKING HERE. Once you have downloaded the song, crank up the volume, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready to be “taken back in time – to 1983”.

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6 Responses to "Limahl presents 2012’s first great pop song"

  1. This is a fabulous review of one of the best singles I have heard in a long while. There is not one thing that I do not love about this new single of Limahl’s it has style, it has grace it has the ability to move and groove you, regardless of who you are or where you come from. My favorite part of the song I must say is..”I wanna go right back in a flash back baby to 1983″ mainly because the silky smooth coolness of Limahl’s vocals penetrates those lyrics with a downright funk that would make some of the best R&B artists blush. Keep them coming Limahl my dear, the world is waiting.

  2. @Rosemarie: Thank you so much for the kind words. The last time I heard a single this good was last summer – and THAT is a long time in the world of music. Limahl is actually an amazing vocalist. I don’t think I really acknowledged that until recently. I hope he experiments with different musical styles. I can see him sounding amazing on a jazz track but for commercial purposes, the sound he has honed on “1983” is perfect. That is exactly what Limahl in 2012 should sound like.

  3. Steve Yeo says:

    Great job Pranav! A thoroughly enjoyable interview! Best Wishes, Steve Y.

  4. @Steve: Thanks so much. I am so glad you enjoyed the interview. Your validation means a LOT!

  5. Donna Saxon says:

    Thanks for a great interview, LOVED Limahl singing snippets of songs during interview. I would so love to meet him one day and tell him how much I love him and how I listed to the Colour all my Days cassette so many times I actually own about 4 copies of it, cause I kept wearing it out. Hope to hear more new and retro music from him and with his mates in Kajagoogoo.

  6. @Donna: So glad you enjoyed the interview. Limahl was a super-cool interview guest. I really hope he does more music with Kajagoogoo. The newer stuff like “The Last Day”, “Table for one”, and “Space Cadet” is far superior to the older material that made them famous.

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