This guest post is by Quentin Harrison from The QH Blend. It was originally published a year ago but it is still as relevant today as talk about a new Kim Wilde album )slated for release this year) still continues.

kim-wildePop evolution will equate to one name: Madonna. In close succession comes Kylie Minogue and Donna Summer; those names may depend on the age group you’re speaking to. However, one woman preceded Madonna and Minogue while Summer was becoming a “wanderer”―her name is Kim Wilde.

Daughter of 1950’s idol Marty Wilde, Kim’s pedigree was assured and she began her journey in step with the advent of MTV and new wave. Remarkably, the full scope of Wilde’s discography, 13 albums in total, remains unexamined.

The (usually) immortalized image of Wilde is thus: high heeled boots, worn jeans and an unruly platinum mop. It’s easy to see why France dubbed Wilde “The British Bardot”. The expression mirrored a long romance with Wilde who continues to make chart ripples throughout Europe today. That’s not even touching on Kim Wilde being the most charted woman in England during the 1980’s. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, instead let us begin at the beginning.


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