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Boyzone2011tourFor those that listen to our radio station regularly, they will know that the music of Ronan Keating is more of a staple on our playlists than is the music of the band that launched his highly successful career – Boyzone. It has been 20 years since media personality Louis Walsh put Boyzone together as an Irish alternative to the UK’s highly successful Take That.

It is a shame that Boyzone member Stephen Gately, who often shared lead vocals with Ronan Keating,met his tragic end a few years ago in Majorca (Spain) right before the release of Boyzone’s first post-reunion album “Brother“. His demise has not stopped the rest of Boyzone from celebrating their legacy and commemorating 20 years in the music business. They have been working on new material for a new album slated for release in November. The band performed a track called “Love Will Save The Day” from their new album on the Australian version of the X Factor. They did not play the entire song but definitely gave fans enough to have an opinion on whether or not they liked it.We’re still not sure how we feel about the new track. We prefer reserving judgment until we hear the studio version of the song. The verses are very down-tempo and rely solely on Ronan Keating‘s stellar abilities as a vocalist (one of the finest that has emerged since the 90s). The production is very sparse. This might be more of reflection of the song being in an embryonic state and might not be indicative of the production on the studio version of the track. The chorus is anthemic. Fans will undoubtedly be pleased. What will be interesting is to see whether or not the track triggers the curiosity of the band’s skeptics or casual fans.

Here is a full-length video of Boyzone‘s performance of “Love Will Save the Day” on Australian X Factor:

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