Radio Creme Brulee is an internet music radio station with a global broadcast. It was launched on February 16, 2007 in Boston but is now being run from New York City. Radio Creme Brulee’s US broadcast is powered by Live365 while its international (i.e. non-US) broadcast is powered by Torontocast and is licensed by SOCAN. The station aims to be the alternative of choice to terrestrial American radio – an avenue of music exposure that has deteriorated significantly since the mid-90s by limiting its selection of music, shutting out most music from Europe, and most importantly misrepresenting the vastness of the global pop music landscape.

Radio Creme Brulee hopes to offer listeners a wider selection of pop/rock music from today as well as from the last four decades and in doing so, strives to create an extremely pleasurable listening experience. In addition to songs that were released as singles for radio, we also feature radio-worthy b-sides and album cuts. For questions about the station, please feel free to refer to our FAQ section. If time permits, please do our playlist exercise and in return, earn the opportunity to introduce a song of your choice (in your voice via a recording sent to us by e-mail) on our global broadcast.