Dates for “Dido Request Week”: April 1, 2013- April 7, 2013


This week is an undeniably exciting one for all Dido fans across the globe as the British chanteuse returns with a new album that is reminiscent of her “No Angel” and “White Flag” albums. Many fans will view the new album “Girl Who Got Away” as Dido’s return to her electronic roots.

The music of Dido has been a regular staple on Radio Creme Brulee ever since we launched back in early 2007. We also take pride in being the American radio station that celebrates the new Dido material like no other. True to our commitment to showcasing Dido’s legacy, we are happy to announce the celebration of “Dido Request week”. Dido’s “Girl Who Got Away”, like Justin Timberlake’s “20/20 Experience is a true celebration of the album format as opposed to a collection of loosely strung singles. We would like to celebrate that with all you Dido fans.

As part of “Dido Request” week, we are accepting requests for ANY song off the new Dido album “Girl Who Got Away”. But we want to make this even more interesting. Send us an audio recording of your “voice request” of the song by Dido that you would like to see played on Radio Creme Brulee. The “voice request” should be not more than 20 seconds long. We will play your voice request before the song AND we will play your request 8 times on the day (once every 3 hours) that we air it. That way, we know you will not miss the song. Take this opportunity to celebrate one of your favorite artists and while doing so, get your voice heard on a global broadcast. You can listen to our station from anywhere in the world via We are accepting requests from all corners of the globe. We will tell you in advance on what day we plan to play your request.

So how do you do this? Here goes:

What are the dates for “Dido Request Week”?

The first request for “Dido Request week” will be aired on April 1, 2013 and the last requests will be aired on April 7, 2013 – so get your requests in QUICKLY! Only 21 people will get their requests played.

What do you need for a record request?

– A computer
– A microphone
– A software that can record your voice (ALL computers have at least a “Sound Recorder” software on them).

Rules for the request

– The recording must NOT be longer than 20 seconds.

What would a sample request sound like?

Here is an example:

— Hi, this is James from Brooklyn, New York. I would love to hear “Let Us Move On” by Dido.———-


—- Hi, this is Melissa from from Los Angeles. Please could by play “End Of Night” by Dido.———–

Where do I e-mail my request to?

Send your request and voice attachment to

What is the last day for submissions of voice requests?

April 6, 2013.

Last, but not least, pop out a bottle of your favorite drink and get ready to enjoy “Girl Who Got Away” in all its glory and listen to Dido create another pivotal moment in her musical story.


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