We take pride in being one of the first broadcast radio stations in the US to feature music by Clean Bandit before they started to bask in the limelight of the US mainstream music scene. While we are generally disillusioned with modern pop music, Clean Bandit has proved to be quite a breath of fresh air. Between their academic pedigree, a non-standard sonic canvas blending electronic music with classical-inspired embellishments (e.g. Grace Chatto on the cello), and a propensity towards making music videos great again, they have me hooked. That does not necessarily mean that I like everything they release. In fact, their last few singles (post their addictive monster hit “Rockabye” featuring Anne Marie and Sean Paul) have been quite underwhelming but it looks they are commanding attention again with their new single “Baby” featuring former collaborator Marina Diamandis (from Marina And The Diamonds) and Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi (known for his global hit “Despacito”).

The Latin-flavored up-tempo vibe of “Baby” represents a striking contrast to the song’s wistful lyrics in which Marina Diamandis sings from the perspective of someone that looks back fondly of a love that she let go of. The reminiscing seems to happen at the point of making a commitment to someone that this person claims she now belongs to. There is also a hint of a love that could not blossom because of the circumstances under which the song’s protagonist and her former love interest came together. Luis Fonsi’s Spanish language vocals prove to be a worthy addition to the song as his verse takes on a melody that is quite different from that of Marina’s. This deviation from a standard pop song structure does not detract from the brilliance of the song one bit.

Music videos are a defining element of the Clean Bandit brand and their art. Hence, it is impossible to avoid mentioning the music video for “Baby”. The video truly brings the song to life and leaves an indelible imagery of a forbidden romance between two girls. One of the girls (played by Grace Chatto) stands at the altar about to marry Luis Fonsi as she is hit with flashes of memory of the times she spent with the girl with whom her love could not flourish (and hence the lyric “Wish I met you at another place and time”). This just might be the music video of the year and it continues the band’s propensity to create videos that are tasteful, creative, riddled with subtlety, exhilarating, and thought-provoking with just the right dose of escapism. The release of “Baby” has undoubtedly added fuel to the anticipation of the band’s sophomore album titled “What is Love” (due for release on November 30, 2018). Furthermore, it is hands down one of the best singles of 2018.

STAR RATING: 5 out of 5 stars

Here is a full-length clip of the song’s music video:


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