Olly Murs chats about his U.S. fans, writing songs, and his “best friend” Robbie Williams.

PaulLarsonOllyMursSMX-Factor creator Simon Cowell calls singer Olly Murs “very, very, very cool,” but most Americans missed his X-Factor journey to stardom, as the show was aired for a British audience across the pond.

After four number one singles and three successful albums in the U.K., Olly Murs now hopes his international smash “Troublemaker” will have no trouble climbing the U.S. charts.

He does have a (screaming) fan following in the U.S., thanks largely to positive social media buzz he generated during his stateside tour as the opener for One Direction last summer. This year, as he prepares to release his first album in the States, the 28-year-old talent recently gave concerts in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. For these three shows, he was the headliner. It was his name on the marquee.

OllyMurs&PaulLarson-sm“This is a proper show, proper gig, proper fans…my fans, ” he told Paul Larson of Mountain Lake PBS-TV, two hours before his first ever U.S. concert as the headlining act. “Yeah, it’s going to be exciting.”

Larson conducted the interview with Murs at Irving Plaza in Manhattan, in the lobby of the concert venue. Olly said he wasn’t sure how well the American fans lined up to see him would know his music.

Listen to Olly’s radio interview with Paul Larson BELOW.

Read Paul’s article on Olly Murs, published in Dress to Kill magazine.

The album “Right Place, Right Time” gets its U.S. release April 16.

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