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Here is a conversation that happened in a car ride two months ago with me and a bunch of my business school friends. We were on our way to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. I was driving and hence call...
Aug 2012
APRIL 4, 2013 UPDATE: We are going to debut the new single “Magnetized” during “Johnny Hates Jazz Request Week” on our 24/7 global broadcast here at Radio Creme Brulee. Things ...
Jun 2012
a-ha frontman released his new solo album “Out Of My Hands” in parts of Europe a few weeks ago. This week, the album will get a broader release for the album and allows those of us in Nort...
May 2012
Bonus tracks and exclusive tracks have been in existence for decades. In the vinyl era, they manifested themselves as b-sides. B-sides served as a clever avenue to ensure that record labels could sell...
Apr 2012
At Radio Creme Brulee, it is no secret that we love “musical” surprises – especially during times when we expect long lulls in the creation of high-quality radio-friendly pop/rock mu...
Mar 2012
In our 2011 year-end post on the “Veteran acts to look out for in 2012”, we noticed a few noteworthy omissions. One of the first of those omissions relates to the charismatic Kajagoogoo fr...
Jan 2012
Over the years, an array of parameters has been used to validate or qualify the greatness of a pop song. These parameters include conventional measures such as record sales, radio airplay, and popular...
Aug 2011
By guest blogger Mike Brown Comebacks are as inevitable as the sun rising. Our Neanderthal ancestors saw the sun go down for the first time and thought that the world had come to an end, that the sun ...
Sep 2010
Twenty five years feels like eternity in an era in which musicians’ ability to be relevant beyond their 5-year mark is highly questionable. There was a time when longevity in the music world wa...
Apr 2010