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British boyband-turned-manband seems East 17 seems to suffer from an endless spate of bad luck – a trend that has dated back to their heyday. Before diving into the latest misfortune that has en...
Dec 2011
By guest blogger Sarah Hamilton I am lucky enough to have my blog (PopLedge) affiliated with Radio Crème Brulee and upon reviewing the latest Will Young album I immediately felt that Will Young’s ...
Sep 2011
Over the years, an array of parameters has been used to validate or qualify the greatness of a pop song. These parameters include conventional measures such as record sales, radio airplay, and popular...
Aug 2011
By guest blogger Mike Brown Dominating the news this week has been the death of Amy Winehouse. It’s been quite difficult to bring myself to write this article, and not through an overwhelming ou...
Aug 2011
The “signature hit” of a band can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, a band with a signature hit is more likely to be remembered than a band that does not have one. Furthermore, pop...
Aug 2011
In the late 90s, Tonight Show host Jay Leno once cracked a joke in his nightly monologue about this time when boyband N Sync sat in the seats of the Backstreet Boys at an award ceremony and no one cou...
Aug 2011
By guest blogger Mike Brown Isn’t it funny how musical tastes can change? Ten years ago, as a teenager, I was a self-confessed heavy metal addict. I was on a musical diet of nothing but big hair...
Apr 2011
Very rarely is an album these days released in the midst of a strong wave of anticipation and excitement. Ever since British “boyband turned manband” Take That announced that former band ...
Nov 2010
Twenty five years feels like eternity in an era in which musicians’ ability to be relevant beyond their 5-year mark is highly questionable. There was a time when longevity in the music world wa...
Apr 2010