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Duran Duran

The relationship between art and its patrons is an age-old one that dates back to the heyday of the Renaissance period. This dynamic is no different in the world of pop and rock music. Despite gatekee...
Feb 2018
“We are Duran Duran and we were designed to make you party” said Duran Duran’s charismatic lead singer Simon Lebon as the band took their final bow on the stage at their concert in P...
Sep 2015
“Apparently Duran Duran is cool again…but we always though we are cool” said Simon Lebon – the suave and charismatic frontman of Duran Duran when he first addressed the audienc...
Aug 2015
Ever since we launched back in 2007, the music of Duran Duran has been a regular staple on our radio station. Unlike terrestrial radio (at least in the US), we did not ignore Duran Duran post “C...
Jun 2015
In the last few years, the first great pop single of the year has emerged relatively early in the year. Last year, we started to notice a delay in the emergence of new pop music brilliance. “Ext...
Jun 2015
In the past, the music industry had several sources of revenue – record sales, music licensing, radio royalties, live performances and more. For “larger than life” pop stars, product...
Jun 2015