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It appears that the divergence in the trajectory between the common definition of pop music (i.e. music that is popular) and music with immense promise of commercial viability started as early as the...
Mar 2018
Some of our blog readers and radio station listeners might occasionally get the sense that our feelings towards the modern pop music landscape brim with pessimism. While this might be largely true, we...
Mar 2016
This review is by guest blogger Mike Antonich from “Now It’s On” – The Best Music from Detroit and beyond In our post on “Veteran acts returning with new material in 2016â...
Feb 2016
On July 16 2015, an article titled “Why Didn’t Take That Take Over America” was published on – the premium (albeit somewhat geocentric) news source for the US as ...
Jul 2015
The EDM explosion in the past decade has become somewhat of a global phenomenon. DJs whose impact was formerly limited to the realms of the dance music world have made the transition to the mainstream...
Oct 2014
Pop duos, while relatively rare these days, used to be permanent fixtures in the commercial music scene of yesteryear. Noteworthy examples include Hall & Oates, Tears For Fears, Wham, Savage Garde...
Aug 2014
Back in 1981, MTV paved the way for a whole new art form – an art form that would become one of the defining blueprints for an entire decade’s pop culture. The music video enabled a layering of im...
Jul 2014
To say 2014 has been a slow year for quality pop music so far would be quite the understatement. In 2012, yesteryear’s pop star Limahl made a surprising return with his single “1983”...
Apr 2014
This blog is affiliated with Radio Creme Brulee – an internet music radio station that broadcasts globally. The one thing Lady Gaga does not suffer from is obscurity and a lack of interest in a...
Aug 2013