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One of the handicaps of a band with a “larger than life” signature hit single is the capacity of that hit single (and it’s overinflated media exposure) to eclipse even greater achiev...
Sep 2015
In the mid-90s, an unlikely pop group of musically inclined siblings rose to prominence and captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Their potent concoction of power-pop, celtic embellishments and ...
Sep 2015
Ever since we launched back in 2007, the music of Duran Duran has been a regular staple on our radio station. Unlike terrestrial radio (at least in the US), we did not ignore Duran Duran post “C...
Jun 2015
This week marks the release of the new Spandau Ballet compilation “The Story“. While many were hoping for a full new studio album of new material, one cannot deny that at least some new ma...
Oct 2014
Today marks the release of the new and highly anticipated album “Jealous Gods” by Poets Of The Fall. We would like to give fans of these rock gods a global medium to share their favorites ...
Sep 2014
Dates for “Johnny Hates Jazz Request Week”: April 8, 2013- April 14, 2013 On May 6 (2013), the sequel to a story that we thought ended 25 years ago is about to be unveiled. The unthinkable is sche...
Apr 2013
Dates for “Dido Request Week”: April 1, 2013- April 7, 2013 This week is an undeniably exciting one for all Dido fans across the globe as the British chanteuse returns with a new album th...
Mar 2013