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Previewing a track in its raw form years ahead of the release of the track’s official studio version can be a “double-edged” sword. One one hand, it serves as a tool for building ant...
Mar 2012
On Keane’s debut album “Hopes And Fears”, the band showcased to the world their trademark piano-driven sound that blended soaring choruses, a raw authenticity, the powerful vocals of...
Mar 2012
There is Brian’s vision and there is mine” said Tony Mortimer about former bandmate and East 17 lead singer Brian Harvey in the documentary featuring the rise, fall, resurrection, and acri...
Feb 2012
In our 2011 end-of-the-year post on veteran bands to watch out for in 2012, we touted Saint Etienne as one of the hot acts slated to release new material this year. While writing that article, I could...
Jan 2012
By guest blogger Sarah Hamilton 2011 had its musical moments and Will Young’s “Echoes” was definitely one of those shining moments. We did not give it its due in terms of an official...
Jan 2012
In our 2011 year-end post on the “Veteran acts to look out for in 2012”, we noticed a few noteworthy omissions. One of the first of those omissions relates to the charismatic Kajagoogoo fr...
Jan 2012
In our post on the “Veteran artists coming back with new albums in 2012“, we touted Van Halen as one of the hottest acts to look out for this year. With David Lee Roth resuming duties as t...
Jan 2012
Every generation or decade has a defining sound – one that artists along with their producers have carefully crafted. Unfortunately, the fragmentation of the mainstream music scene over the past...
Mar 2011
Very rarely is an album these days released in the midst of a strong wave of anticipation and excitement. Ever since British “boyband turned manband” Take That announced that former band ...
Nov 2010