Pop music has always been perceived as a youngster’s “game”. Hence, it is always fascinating to see pop stars approaching middle age while continuing to enthrall audiences of all ages and being pin-ups for listeners in their teens and early 20s. Very few artists pull this off successfully. Amr Diab, the undisputed King of Middle Eastern pop, is one of those select few.

Earlier in his career, his popularity was confined solely to the Arab world.  In his late 30s, his fortunes took an interesting twist with the release of his signature hit “Habibi” . It effectively broke down the boundaries of his popularity giving him an  audience that spanned all the way from South America to Asia. The story became increasingly eventful and larger than life with every subsequent album release. His music videos were shot in exotic locations and they almost always featured gorgeous female models thus making Amr Diab one of the hottest video artists of the 2000s. It most certainly helps that he still looks like a fountain of youth and has a voice that ages better than a bottle of wine.

Hot on the heels of his North American tour, Amr Diab is just weeks away from releasing his new album “Banadeek Ta’ala”. The album has been produced by Adel Hakki. In general, most Amr Diab albums feature an almost even mix of uptempo dance tracks and lush ballads. It is a formula that has proved very successful for Diab. So far, to the best of my knowledge, no “studio version” clips from the new album have surfaced but it goes without saying that I can barely wait for them. The tracklist for the album is below:

Banadaeek Ta’ala
Hallah Hallah
Ma’adrsh Ana
Alomak Leih
Ma’ak Bartah
Yareet Seneik
Maly Enia
Heia Haiaty
Youm Ma Eta’abelna
Aghla Men Omry
Aa’ref Habiby
Tagreba W A’adet

We have high expectations of the new album. The question is:

Are you excited about the new Amr Diab album???