DKMS' 3rd Annual Star-Studded Gala - Red CarpetThe only reason that the sales of a well-promoted album by a global superstar should be underwhelming is because the material on the album is substandard and uninspired. The worst reason for an album to underperform is because some of the best material recorded for it was left OFF the album. Unfortunately, Aussie pop princess Kylie Minogue might have become a victim of the latter. Almost 4 years after her last studio album “Aphrodite”, it was imperative that her new album “Kiss Me Once” come at least close to matching up the pop masterpiece that “Aphrodite” was – especially at the juncture at which Kylie Minogue is in her career.  She is walking that fine line that separates yesteryear’s pop stars from today’s popstars. “Kiss Me Once” probably moved her closer to the former bucket than it did to the latter with none of the singles cracking the top 10 in any of the top 5 music markets besides Japan (“Into The Blue” peaked at #8 on the Japanese charts). One cannot blame the lackluster performance on poor promotion. Kylie benefits from a huge and loyal global fanbase so obscurity is clearly not the issue. We have most certainly identified one of (might not be the most important one) the reasons that Kylie’s “Kiss Me Once” did not serve the punch that it was supposed to. The best track recorded for it was left off the album. Not only was this track the best song on the album, it is also a key ingredient in Kylie Minogue’s artistic legacy (if not her commercial legacy). This song is called “Waiting For The Sun”.

This synth-ballad is both dramatic and sonically ornate. The track’s production marries the best elements of American R&B stylings and European synth sensitivities. We have often criticized Kylie Minogue for her vocals but not on this track.  Kylie more than delivers on “Waiting for the sun”.  The song opens with Kylie singing the two-line verse in a dreamy soundscape. The mid-tempo R&B beats mark the beginning of the song’s “goosebump inducing” pre-chorus in which the magic truly begins. On the radiant and fiercely sexy chorus, Kylie Minogue’s sings:

Call on me and I’ll be standing by your side

I’ll be here waiting for the sun to rise

Call on me and I’ll be standing by your side

I’ll be here waiting for the sun to rise…


This just might be one of Kylie Minogue’s best downtempo tracks. I can just about imagine how electrifying this would sound live in concert.  There is  an element of curiosity about the conversation that ensued between the folks putting together the final tracklist for “Kiss Me Once”. I am not sure which genius in this “esteemed circle of music industry professionals” thought that “Beautiful” (Kylie’s beyond horrendous duet with Enrique Iglesias) was a better candidate for the album than “Waiting for the sun” was. My heart goes out to Kylie as she is undoubtedly a victim of an appalling lack of judgment by the stakeholders of this musical project. One can only hope that this song gets its much deserved release and is not relegated to a musical vault indefinitely. It would be a tragic shame for fans and more importantly for Kylie. Do not take our word for it. Here is a full-length clip of “Waiting For The Sun”:


STAR RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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