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IzzyChurchIn an age of mass-produced music, the word “organic” has become quite a “buzz” word for musicians whose success begins with a simple melody and lyric as opposed to a sonic template defined by incompetent market researchers – one in which generic production dominates the underlying music. We hear of plenty of examples wherein a great piece of music emerges from musical experiments and jam sessions that were not necessarily aimed at creating any art. They are just free-form interactions between musicians with varied competencies. Sometimes the organic evolution of music does not necessarily begin with music. The embryo of a musical composition can be born within a whole different art form – as New York’s up-and-coming pop star Izzy Church proves on her radio-friendly debut EP titled “Lovers Throne“.

Izzy Church’s flirtation with music began within the creative realms of the sci-fi dramedy television series “Eve & The Bigger Apple“. In the show, Izzy plays the lead character – a singer in the rock and roll band “Sexual 222s“. The concept and script for the show has been developed by Izzy. The music on “Lovers Throne” revolves around pivotal moments in the storyline of the show. Sonically, the EP is quite a “mixed bag” in that each song is at different ends of the commercial pop spectrum.

Sound of the Universe” is “poptastic” at its core. Its infectious bass augments a raw sexuality that permeates through the entire length of the song. In the context of the television show “Eve & The Bigger Apple“, it is a song that was supposed to be created by the ” Sexual 222’s” – the band that rises to prominence in the show. The lines “Got you in the garden baby”  foreshadow that the character and band-member “Ginger” (played by Izzy) discovers that she is Eve – the “Eve” that was banished from the garden of Eden.

The Rainbow” sounds like something that could have been the musical bridge between Aussie pop princess Kylie Minogue‘s “X” era and “Aphrodite” era. The song’s catchy chorus “do you really believe; only the strong survive” is bound to get stuck in listeners’ heads. Needless to say, the track’s production is VERY European. Lyrically, the song is connected to the radio show that the television series revolves around. The show is called “Riding that Rainbow”. The symbolism in the lines “lovers that collide on the other side” relates to Ginger’s Shamanic Journey to the other side where she is re-united with Zehn – her boyfriend that she lost to his tragic drug overdose.

Summertime” is without a doubt the musical twin of “Promiscuous” by Nelly Furtado and Timbaland. A hip-hop fan will be more than pleased by the track. The song represents the musical reinvention of the character Ginger after she loses her boyfriend. Her stylistic departure (musically speaking) in the show is tied to her inability to keep her band going in its original incarnation without her boyfriend Zehn.

Given the intrinsic ties between the EP’s lyrical content and the television show, one can only hope that “Lovers Throne” whets the listener’s appetite prior to the release of the television show. It is not clear if Izzy’s decision to cater to different musical palates in a three-track EP was a conscious one but the approach most certainly works. I personally am curious to see what she comes out with next. Given the versatility in her creative streak, it is not a given that music will be her next offering. It could be something totally different. Until then, “Lovers Throne” should keep the commercial music aficionado more than satisfied. Here is a full-length video clip of “Summertime“:


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