It has been a little over two years since Norwegian pop band Donkeyboy released their debut album “Caught In a Life“. The album spawned the hit singles “Ambitions” and “Sometimes” – both of which are rare gems of infectious pop that easily stand out in the midst of the mediocrity that seems to have underscored the pop music scene for over a decade. Some of you in Europe might remember Donkeyboy as the band that was the opening act for pop/rock band a-ha’s “Foot of the mountain” tour – or was it the “Ending on a high note” tour?

Donkeyboy’s debut album seemed to marry the songcraft of 80s melodic pop with modern production – a winning combination in our opinion. This is something  bands rarely get right (with the exception of British trio Friendly Fires on their single “Hurting” in 2011). The new Donkeyboy single “City Boy” marks a stylistic departure from the sound that the band honed on their first album. “City Boy” fits comfortably within the spectrum of modern electronic pop and the vocals sound somewhat synthesized. Nevertheless, the song still retains the pop sensitivities for which the band has earned praise.

Donkeyboy is all set to release their new album on March 2nd. The title of the album is “Silver Moon”. At Radio Creme Brulee, we are definitely excited for the new Donkeyboy material. This band is one of the few modern bands that we are truly excited about. It is still not clear as to whether or not “City Boy” is reflective of the album’s style but we can barely wait to find out. Incidentally, the song can be downloaded via iTunes USA. For once, American music aficionados do not have to wait forever for Scandinavian awesomeness to gets its well-deserved digital release in the US. We still do not know if the album “Silver Moon” has a final release date for the US. But until we find out, here is a video clip of “City Boy”.



LAST BUT NOT LEAST: We are giving “City Boy” 4-5 plays a day on our online radio station which can be listened to from ANY part of the world. So what are you waiting for?