The illusory goal of putting together the perfect playlist is one that every playlist programmer dreams of achieving but rarely ever does. There is a healthy middle ground between showcasing familiar songs and obscure songs. We need your input to help us reach this middle ground via our Playlist Exercise. As a thank you for your time, we will invite you to introduce in your voice (through a recording that you send us via e-mail) a song of your choice on our global broadcast. Here is how the playlist exercise works:

Listen to ten CONSECUTIVE songs on our station. It is imperative that songs are consecutive. For each song, please answer the following questions:

a. Name of the song and artist/band.

b. Did you like the song (as opposed to tolerate the song) – YES/NO?

c. Had you heard the song before somewhere else – YES/NO?

d. Had you heard of the artist or band that performs the song- – YES/NO?

Please send your responses to We look forward to and encourage participation in this exercise.