Celebrate Valentine's Day 2015 with Radio Creme Brulee
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2015 with Radio Creme Brulee

11 February 2015 5 Comments
This blog belongs to Radio Creme Brulee – an internet music radio station that broadcasts globally.

valentinesValentine’s Day is around the corner and what better way to than to at least celebrate a part of it on Radio Creme Brulee by sending us a “voice request” of the song you want to listen to or dedicate to your loved one.

What is a “voice request”?
An audio recording of yourself asking us to play a song for you (preferably a love song given the day!).

How long (in seconds) can the recording be?
Please try and limit your recording to 20 seconds if possible.

What do you need for a record request?
– A computer with a voice recorder OR Smartphone

How many times will my request get played on Valentine’s Day?

Once every 3 hours. Hence, around 8 times on Valentine’s Day.

Could we get an example of a typical audio recording?

— Hi, this is Julie from Brooklyn, New York. I would love to hear “True” by Spandau Ballet ———-

Who should I e-mail my request to?

Please do let us know if you have any questions! We hope you will participate in our Valentine’s Day event with us while sharing love and good music on our global broadcast. Please share the information about our event with your friends and relatives and invite them to participate!


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Give us a spin when you get a chance.
We just might become your alternative of choice!


5 Responses to "Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2015 with Radio Creme Brulee"

  1. Can you please play “Love Lives On” by Chicago for my girlfriend Steph Moceri.

  2. Can you please play “Love Lives on” by Chicago for my girlfriend Steph Moceri? Thanks!

  3. Of course Jimmy! We would love to. We just sent you an e-mail. It would be EVEN BETTER if you could personalize your request by sending us a 20-second recording of your voice asking us to play the song for Steph!

  4. Miriam says:

    I Want Careless Whisper by George Michael

  5. @Miriam: We would love to play it! It is a personal favorite. Do you know how to record your voice and send it over to us? Please let us know!

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