madonna-rebelheartTowards the end of every year, we ask our listeners and patrons to take a look back at the music of the year and offer their opinions on the best that the year had to offer – musically speaking. We do this via an annual poll in which we ask our listeners to vote for one song from our list of songs. Rather unsurprisingly, the list is put together by us – and is based on what we think are the noteworthy musical highlights of the year. In the past, we restricted this list only to singles but this year, we had to extend the scope of this list since we believe that some of the year’s best songs were NOT released as singles. Furthermore, we also list songs based on unique votes that these songs have received through our online radio player’s “vote button” during the course of the year. The votes are weighted based on the country that the voter is from. The reason we do this is because we want to make sure that our voting results are reflective of our radio station’s listener base and our radio blog’s reader base. Votes from countries that we have zero listeners from will not make any difference to the final result. We encourage you to vote AND share this poll with your friends via your Facebook walls, twitter feeds, or just plain old e-mail! The poll closes on December 27, 2015. The options are below. If you are unable to see them (mobile device users might have trouble seeing them), please click HERE:

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