Artist/Band Fansites

Diario Italiano di Robbie Williams (The Italian diary of Robbie Williams):

The saying “Italians do it better” has a lot of truth – especially when putting together a fansite for their musical idols. The online “diario” is THE place to get all the scoop you could have ever hoped for on Robbie Williams – Britain’s uncrowned “Prince Of Pop”.

MJJ-Online: Culture and art have evolved over centuries and in a handful of instances, its players turn into historical icons. Our generation has only had the privilege of one such figure -Michael Jackson. He embodied a marriage of musical ability and showmanship that remains unrivaled. When he sang, the world listened. When he danced, jaws dropped. Unfortunately, the media of his own country turned him into a target to perpetuate their endless pursuit of sensationalism in the mid-90s and beyond. It was not until his shocking demise in 2009 that his critics were forced to acknowledge his genius. MJJ Online is the perfect online representation of Jackson’s immortality. It celebrates Jackson’s legacy with a freshness that is typically suited to living artists. MJJ Online resonates with the idea that “while the thriller has gone, the thrill will always remain”.

a-Ha Skyline: No country has celebrated the stellar artistic legacy of Norwegian trio a-Ha the way Brazil has. Right since the band’s groundbreaking record of performing for the largest paying audience in Rio De Janeiro in the early 90s till today, Brazilians have stuck by the band and made a-Ha a household name. Hence, it is only natural for us to partner with “a-Ha Skyline” – a Brazil-based fansite cleverly named after the a-Ha hit single “Manhattan Skyline”. To be inclusive of fans across the globe, the website is available in both Portuguese and English and literally has it all – up-to-date news on the band, concert setlists of their “Ending on a high note tour”, fan campaigns, and every thing that a self-indulgent a-Ha fan would crave for.

Kylie Blog (French): Aussie Pop Princess Kylie Minogue has been a constant in the music industry since the 80s but it is the last decade in which her career as quickly spun into “overdrive” mode. Her “larger than life” stage persona, delectable brand of pop music, seductive looks, and fashion statements ave turned her into a global pop icon. The Kylie blog is your avenue for “everything” Kylie-related. Given that our largest listener base (outside the US) is from France, we feel the need to celebrate French music aficionados and their recognition of the music world’s hottest singers and performers – Kylie Minogue!

Keane Track: Music has no language and great music transcends geographic and linguistic boundaries. Keane has emerged as one of the greatest bands of modern times and their international following is testimony of that. It looks like the Portuguese are tracking the band’s moves better than the band themselves as demonstrated in the “Keane Track” blog – Portugal’s most impressive Keane fan blog. We show strong support towards online initiatives such as “Keane track” for keeping the global wave of Keane alive.

Keane Mexico: While British pop/rock trio Keane has grown popular in the live circuit in North America, they are yet to become the household name they deserve to be. Fortunately, Mexico has caught on and is way ahead of the US and Canada in their mass adoration of the band. “Keane Mexico” is the one-stop destination for all our Spanish-speaking listeners and Keane aficionados. The latest and greatest of Keane is all here!!!

Go West Arena:

Every era has its share of grossly under-rated artists/bands. The music of British pop duo Go West was a delectable amalgam of pop, rock, and blue-eyed soul. You know the songs. You just don’t know that they have been performed by Go West. Go West Arena is the ONLY place to get the latest and greatest about one of the finest duos in pop music.

CATT – The Ultimate destination for American Take That fans:

This website is bound to strike a chord in the hearts of every American Take That fan that dreams of the day that Take That will dominate the American airwaves (in the same manner that they dominated the rest of the world in the 90s and since their return to the limelight in 2006).

The “Day By Day” Kim Wilde Blog: The name Kim Wilde might tempt people to travel back to the 1980s and reminisce but Kim’s real musical contribution is her stunning reinvention from a pop princess to a fiery rock-chick softened with a pop sensitivity. The “Day By Day” Kim Wilde blog might be the only true online celebration of the new and rejuvenated Kim Wilde. Despite being a French blog, it has an English translation for your convenience. So what you are waiting for? Log on and get ready to be surprised become Kim Wilde is back with a bang!!!

Planet Salem: Planet Salem is your one-stop destination for everything related to the multi-instrumentalist pop maestro Salem Al Fakir – the latest ray of hope in a music industry in which undebatable quality is a rare find. A fan on youtube has aptly described this talented Swede as the musical love-child of Stevie Wonder and Scritti Politti. If that piece of knowledge has not triggered your curiosity enough, follow this link and find out what you are missing out on.

Keane Shine – The Ultimate Keane Fan Site:

Fanatics that want absolutely EVERYTHING (News, Interviews, Tour Dates, Concert Videos, TV appearances) about melodic-rock trio Keane in one place need to look no further than KeaneShine.

Take That Appreciation Pages:

This website is the online “Mecca” for Take That fans all over the world. An incredibly active forum, online store, event calendar. and regular news updates are just a few of the many reasons to visit this site dedicated to one of UK’s hottest musical exports.

Kurt Nilsen Media: A fansite dedicated to the best thing out of Norway since “Take On Me” (A-Ha) – Kurt Nilsen.

East 17 Fansite:

This website is a fantastic tribute to the official “British Bad Boys of the 90s”. The flurry of activity on this website is a manifestation of the excitement brewing over the possibility of the comeback against all odds in the year 2009 – The return of East 17.