Poets Of The Fall throw a mean punch with
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Poets Of The Fall throw a mean punch with “Daze”

22 August 2014 9 Comments
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PoetsOfTheFall-DazeWhen people use the term “rock and roll” in the context of music today, it is never clear what exactly they are referring to. In our article titled “Poets Of The Fall prove that rock is NOT dead”, we highlighted that the Finnish rockers might be one of the few pure rock bands (probably the only rock band) out there with a sonic template that is commercially viable. Atmospheric sounds, great riffs, infectious hooks, and achingly beautiful melodies are just some of the attributes that characterize the potent concoction that is the music of Poets Of The Fall.  The only other rock bands that transcend genres are Muse and The Killers and even they fail to create the brilliance that radiates from each album by Poets Of The Fall. Our assertion about Poets Of The Fall remains as we wait with bated breath for their new album titled “Jealous Gods” (slated for release on September 19, 2014). The first real taste of the album just surfaced today and we are more than pleased by the sound of it.

Daze” – the album’s lead single, released this morning. The up-tempo track kicks it into high gear almost immediately with a monster-guitar-driven intro overlaid with a simple but sonically ornate reverb piano refrain that repeats itself through most of the song.  The exhilaration that this song’s intro induces is similar to the one induced by that of U2’s hit classic “Pride (In the name of love)”. The lyrics suggest a continuation of the theme of love that permeated through most of the band’s last album “Temple Of Thought”. But on “Daze”, they are underscored by a brimming but conflicting sense of darkness, euphoria, excitement, and passion.

Reality’s a three way

A Scenery defined

But tomorrow dubbed a mystery

And the past just blurry lines

Lead singer Marko Saaresto radically switches from his trademark baritone vocals on the verses and pre-chorus to a falsetto on the song’s chorus thus demonstrating his superior vocal range and reminding us of his status as one of modern rock’s best frontmen. The song’s Middle 8 (“Did you ever feel your love eclipsing the sun”) induces goose-bumps.

We are thrilled that the Poets decided to lead with an uptempo track as opposed to a ballad. While they are incredibly competent with ballads, the sound on “Daze” showcases their core competency – good undiluted rock with undeniable hooks leaving the listener longing for more.

The song serves as a reminder of a time when rock was fun and not noise that was pretending to sound like a form of art. Poets Of The Fall are undoubtedly back in top form despite it being only two years since the release of their last album “Temple Of Thought“. This is not a band that believes in resting on their laurels. They are driven by desire to create art and fortunately, for us, they keep succeeding. Based on “Daze” and the sound clips of the tracks on the new album “Jealous Gods“, it appears that the band has dug into the same creative well that spawned their last rock masterpiece “Temple Of Thought“. Now, the only thing left for these rock geniuses is for them to make the graceful exit from mainstream obscurity in the US. This is  a band bursting with creativity that could propel them into the stratosphere of commercial success. America just needs to listen to them and the rest will undoubtedly be history.

Here is a full-length video clip of the new single “Daze”:




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9 Responses to "Poets Of The Fall throw a mean punch with “Daze”"

  1. Chiff says:

    It never ceases to surprise me how consistent PotF still are 6 albums later. Their music spans so many genres and topics, with ridiculously deep lyrics (that might actually be interlinked, Daze redefines “I burn to make you understand” from an album that has this evil character on the cover.)

    One thing I’m amazed by though. Why no use of the line “Like a moth to the fire” 😛

  2. @Chiff: Half the reason we play music by Poets Of The Fall on our station even though we are a pop radio station is because of that genre-transcending quality that you mentioned in your comment. This is what modern rock should aspire to be.

  3. John.A. says:

    You guys really need to listen to Work Of Art, The Panic Division and Dirty Loops (some of the best rock & pop groups on the planet right now). POTF are a great band too though. 🙂

  4. @John.A: Please give us some specific track recommendations by the bands you mentioned. We’d love to check them out. Please keep in mind the pop/rock sound we look to showcase on our broadcast while suggesting tracks. Thank you so much for the comment!

  5. Rhagnvald says:

    Hi, maybe you will like a belgium band called “Venus” i found it on the french movie “inmotel ad vitran” the band is really good and they have some similarity with POTF and maybe with the muse on down-tempo songs, look for the track “beautiful days”

  6. k says:

    Amazing group, amazing voice. They are one of those breath of fresh air in the actual music panorama. Thanks!

  7. Traitor says:

    Poets are good. You guys should try to listen at Cryoshell, their neighbours from Denmark. One of my favorite is also Fireflight.

  8. @Rhagnvald: My sincere apologies for the long overdue acknowledgment of your comment. I will check out Venus.

  9. @Traitor: Will check these guys out this weekend. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

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