Every generation or decade has a defining sound – one that artists along with their producers have carefully crafted. Unfortunately, the fragmentation of the mainstream music scene over the past decade and a half has made it virtually impossible for there to be a “reigning sound” of the millennium or the 00s decade. But if there ever was or is to be a defining sound, the music of Samantha James ought to be its blueprint.

It was serendipity at its best when I discovered Samantha James in late 2007, soon after she released her debut album “Rise” the title track of which won Ms James critical acclaim and accolades in the dance music community. Her music is not the easiest to describe. Several critics have categorized her music as being within the realms of electronica, chill-out, and dance music. The truth is, none of these references aptly describe Samantha James’ music and instead suffer from the inherently limiting nature of categorization almost suggesting that the music can only appeal to a specific niche. This could not be further from the truth. Samantha James comfortably straddles both mainstream pop and chillout/dance music and in doing so, creates a smooth and well-blended musical amalgam that cannot be distilled into its constituents.

Her second album, “Subconscious” (released in the summer of 2010) demonstrated growth and songwriting prowess. It spawned the addictive title track “Subconscious” and the intensely sexy “Veil”. The question most fans ask when an artist keeps getting better with time is “when will this artist peak musically?”. Given the dizzyingly high standards Samantha has set with her first two albums, it is only fair for one to ask the same question about her. Fortunately, the apprehensions surrounding that question can be put to rest after one listen of the new single “Wings of faith”.

The first ten seconds of the song alone will work with your mind to start creating a vivid imagery. One which involves only you and your significant other on a deserted island sitting next to each other on a beach. No words are spoken. The only communication between the two of you is a series of love notes written to each other in the sand. The only emotions felt are love, euphoria, and a sense of liberation. The soundtrack to that magical moment is dominated by Samantha James’ trademark laid-back and breathy vocals drifting in a dreamy soundscape propped up by a pulsating mid-tempo beat and lush harmonies. The sheer escapism this song provides is irresistible. It evokes emotions that many new pop artists aspire to trigger through their music but struggle to do so. Lyrically, Samantha stays rooted in the universal themes of love, longing, and liberation but her real triumph is the picture this song paints. If you are not yet convinced, you can listen to the track below:

If “Wings of faith” is any indication of the type material Samantha James is currently working on, she definitely has a bright future and fans have much to look forward to. The icing on the cake of this new offering is that all money from the sales of “Wings of faith” will be donated to the Red Cross for relief efforts in the parts of Japan that have been severely affected by the devastating earthquake a few weeks ago. So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to buy the single right away. It just might be your favorite act of altruism.

Last, but not least, I sincerely hope that with future material, Samantha James claims her throne as the seminal modern pop princess. That throne has been occupied by mediocrity for years and Samantha James just be might be the only one to restore its respectability.

Our Rating of the song: 4.5/5 stars

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