We have tweeted a bunch of times about Alanis Morissette’s new album slated for release in the latter half of the summer. Details about the album’s name, release date, or tracklist are yet to be revealed. All we do know is that Guy Sigsworth will hold the album’s production reins. Some of you might remember Guy Sigsworth as being one half of Frou Frou – the duo responsible for the hit single “Let Go” and also the act responsible for launching British songstress Imogen Heap into the consciousness of music fans worldwide. We now have the first sneak preview of what Alanis’ new material might sound like. Here is a full-length clip of “Magical Child”. The song bears the trademark sound of Sigsworth’s production as well as the distinct vocals of Alanis. Another blog has described the song as “pretty” – which is a fairly apt description. It is not clear as to whether this song will be featured on the new album but it definitely serves the purpose of whetting the appetite for Alanis fans that have longed for new material since the last album “Flavors of Entanglement”. Here is a full-length clip of “Magical Child” by Alanis Morissette.

What do you think of the song? Does it remain true to Alanis’ legacy? Feel free to comment below!