In our post on the “Veteran artists coming back with new albums in 2012“, we touted Van Halen as one of the hottest acts to look out for this year. With David Lee Roth resuming duties as the band’s primary vocalist, fans (me included) could not be more excited. Given the high levels of anticipation, the million dollar question is “was the wait worthwhile”?

It is hard to say anything too soon but if the band’s lead single “Tattoo” is representative of the rest of the material on the new album titled ” Different Kind Of Truth”, then fans might have reason to be concerned and somewhat disillusioned. While the song brims with the band’s “party rocker” image, absolutely nothing about the song is memorable. It sounds like a generic “rock and roll” song. No big choruses. No brilliant synthesizer segments. Eddie Van Halen’s guitar does its bit but it is far too little to save the song. In fact, Eddie Van Halen’s bit might be the only part of the song that one might be able to remember after listening to it a few times.

One can only hope that the rest of the album “Different Kind Of Truth” reminds us as to why Van Halen belongs to that small and elite class of “rock royalty”. Picking wrong lead singles has been a fairly commonplace trend in recent years. Let us just hope that Van Halen succumbed to that trend and that there is some brilliance buried in their new album. It would be a shame if this new album was the sequel the disaster that was “Van Halen 3” (released back in 1998). If you are not convinced of the validity of our review, here (below) is the music video for the new Van Halen single.