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The “signature hit” of a band can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, a band with a signature hit is more likely to be remembered than a band that does not have one. Furthermore, pop...
Aug 2011
Fallen angels have always interested me – especially when they fall from dizzying highs to heartbreaking lows. After Bobby Brown earned his place in music history with the brilliant “Don&#...
Mar 2011
By guest blogger Mike Brown The great conveyor belt of the Pop Gods is continuously churning out new acts for the digestion of the voracious public. Just as frequently however, the conveyor belts recy...
Jan 2011
By guest blogger Mike Brown Comebacks are as inevitable as the sun rising. Our Neanderthal ancestors saw the sun go down for the first time and thought that the world had come to an end, that the sun ...
Sep 2010