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We take pride in being one of the first broadcast radio stations in the US to feature music by Clean Bandit before they started to bask in the limelight of the US mainstream music scene. While we are ...
Nov 2018
2014 has raced by faster than it should have. Based on our post on “Veteran artists to look out for in 2014“, there was a lot of reason for excitement for this year in the music scene. Man...
Dec 2014
Back in 1981, MTV paved the way for a whole new art form – an art form that would become one of the defining blueprints for an entire decade’s pop culture. The music video enabled a layering of im...
Jul 2014
To say 2014 has been a slow year for quality pop music so far would be quite the understatement. In 2012, yesteryear’s pop star Limahl made a surprising return with his single “1983”...
Apr 2014