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Pleasant surprises at a time underscored by anxiety, uncertainty, social isolation (for many), claustrophobia (due to stay-at-home orders to varying degrees across the world), and economic hardship h...
May 2020
“No one listens to terrestrial radio – radio is dead! Spotify and Apple Music have rendered terrestrial radio stations in America irrelevant”. I have heard several variations of this comment d...
Sep 2019
In the 90s, MTV Asia and Channel V were my avenues of choice for unbridled escapism. The two 24-hour music video channels were my window to a world of exotic destinations, convoluted and symbolism-rid...
Apr 2019
In our article titled “Could Dua Lipa be the emerging ray of hope for pop music in 2016?” a couple of months ago, we gushed with an optimism that we rarely ever feel about the new crop of ...
May 2016
Some of our blog readers and radio station listeners might occasionally get the sense that our feelings towards the modern pop music landscape brim with pessimism. While this might be largely true, we...
Mar 2016