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APRIL 4, 2013 UPDATE: We are going to debut the new single “Magnetized” during “Johnny Hates Jazz Request Week” on our 24/7 global broadcast here at Radio Creme Brulee. Things ...
Jun 2012
Previewing a track in its raw form years ahead of the release of the track’s official studio version can be a “double-edged” sword. One one hand, it serves as a tool for building ant...
Mar 2012
2011 may not have been the greatest year for pop/rock music but 2012 is guaranteed to compensate for a lackluster 2011. Some of the world’s top veteran acts are slated to release new albums in t...
Dec 2011
Over the years, an array of parameters has been used to validate or qualify the greatness of a pop song. These parameters include conventional measures such as record sales, radio airplay, and popular...
Aug 2011