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Last year, we made a post about the back-story around George Michael‘s timeless classic “Careless Whisper” to celebrate 30 years since the song went to #1 in the UK. It got us thinki...
Jan 2015
2012’s pop music scene was kicked into high gear fairly early in the year by a rather unexpected artist. Many know him as the charismatic frontman of New Wave band Kajagoogoo. He rose to fame in...
Dec 2012
Here is a conversation that happened in a car ride two months ago with me and a bunch of my business school friends. We were on our way to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. I was driving and hence call...
Aug 2012
At Radio Creme Brulee, it is no secret that we love “musical” surprises – especially during times when we expect long lulls in the creation of high-quality radio-friendly pop/rock mu...
Mar 2012
Record labels decide on what the singles off an artist’s album will be – especially the album’s lead single. The lead single plays a very critical role in the ability to “sell&...
Jan 2012
In our 2011 year-end post on the “Veteran acts to look out for in 2012”, we noticed a few noteworthy omissions. One of the first of those omissions relates to the charismatic Kajagoogoo fr...
Jan 2012
The “signature hit” of a band can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, a band with a signature hit is more likely to be remembered than a band that does not have one. Furthermore, pop...
Aug 2011