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Last year, we made a post about the back-story around George Michael‘s timeless classic “Careless Whisper” to celebrate 30 years since the song went to #1 in the UK. It got us thinki...
Jan 2015
To say 2014 has been a slow year for quality pop music so far would be quite the understatement. In 2012, yesteryear’s pop star Limahl made a surprising return with his single “1983”...
Apr 2014
It does not seem that long ago that I found myself putting together Radio Creme Brulee’s “Top 10 Singles of 2011”. This year was supposed to be a big one with veteran artists such as...
Dec 2012
2012’s pop music scene was kicked into high gear fairly early in the year by a rather unexpected artist. Many know him as the charismatic frontman of New Wave band Kajagoogoo. He rose to fame in...
Dec 2012
At Radio Creme Brulee, it is no secret that we love “musical” surprises – especially during times when we expect long lulls in the creation of high-quality radio-friendly pop/rock mu...
Mar 2012
In our 2011 year-end post on the “Veteran acts to look out for in 2012”, we noticed a few noteworthy omissions. One of the first of those omissions relates to the charismatic Kajagoogoo fr...
Jan 2012
The “signature hit” of a band can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, a band with a signature hit is more likely to be remembered than a band that does not have one. Furthermore, pop...
Aug 2011