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Retrospectives on songs that formed the soundtrack for key phases or milestones in our lives have the ability to evoke nostalgia, longing, and an uncomfortable realization that time has flown by too s...
May 2016
Before we dive into the core of this article, I would like to emphasize that I am a longtime Janet Jackson fan. I think she is one of the most talented musicians and entertainers that the pop music w...
Jun 2015
2014 has raced by faster than it should have. Based on our post on “Veteran artists to look out for in 2014“, there was a lot of reason for excitement for this year in the music scene. Man...
Dec 2014
Back in 1981, MTV paved the way for a whole new art form – an art form that would become one of the defining blueprints for an entire decade’s pop culture. The music video enabled a layering of im...
Jul 2014
This blog belongs to Radio Creme Brulee – an internet music radio station that broadcasts globally. When MTV launched back in 1981, it kicked off a cultural revolution of sorts. It had official...
Aug 2013
Every generation has spawned its share of “one hit” wonders. These “one hit” wonders are fairly abundant commodities in the sphere of pop music. It is the “one album̶...
May 2013
This article was initially published on our website exactly three years ago. It was two days after the fateful day on which Michael Jackson met his tragic and sudden end. We decided to repost this ar...
Jun 2012
By guest blogger Mike Brown Here’s something many never thought they’d see again on that day in June 2009 in which it was revealed that the King...
Nov 2010