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I have always questioned the rather prevalent trend of labeling “The 80s” as a genre of pop music for all music that was created in the 1980s. This single (and rather unwarranted) label to...
Jun 2017
To say that 2016 was an underwhelming year for pop music would be quite the understatement. More importantly, it was a year pretty light in great pop singles. In our humble opinion, “Go Robot...
Mar 2017
Retrospectives on songs that formed the soundtrack for key phases or milestones in our lives have the ability to evoke nostalgia, longing, and an uncomfortable realization that time has flown by too s...
May 2016
One of the handicaps of a band with a “larger than life” signature hit single is the capacity of that hit single (and it’s overinflated media exposure) to eclipse even greater achiev...
Sep 2015
“Apparently Duran Duran is cool again…but we always though we are cool” said Simon Lebon – the suave and charismatic frontman of Duran Duran when he first addressed the audienc...
Aug 2015