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2011 may not have been the greatest year for pop/rock music but 2012 is guaranteed to compensate for a lackluster 2011. Some of the world’s top veteran acts are slated to release new albums in t...
Dec 2011
There is one more full day to go (at least in the part of the world I am currently in) before 2011 comes to its grand end. As I look back at this past year in music, I definitely see a lot of blooming...
Dec 2011
By guest blogger Sarah Hamilton This is going to be a personal account intertwined with some musical observations I hope you enjoy! Having slept ok the night before…woke up fretting the alarm woul...
Aug 2011
It is a commonly held belief that timing is the key to all relationships. Apparently, this element of “timing of relationships” extended to one of the biggest (if not the biggest) comeback...
Aug 2011
Very rarely is an album these days released in the midst of a strong wave of anticipation and excitement. Ever since British “boyband turned manband” Take That announced that former band ...
Nov 2010
By Pranav Chandrasekhar In late summer of 1996, Take That released their hit single “Never Forget”. Interestingly enough, the single was released right after the high-profile departure of...
Oct 2010
By guest blogger Mike Brown With oil bursting forth into the Gulf of Mexico at an alarming rate, an increasingly bleak outlook in the Middle East and gunmen prowling the Northumbrian countryside, t...
Jul 2010