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Before I dive into this article, I would like to state that this is not meant to be a lampooning of Spotify – the reigning king of music streaming which is inching closer towards global dominance. T...
Dec 2018
Date: September 8, 2018 Venue: Forest Hills Stadium (Queens, New York) Tour: Automaton Tour 2018 The isolation of America from the global pop/rock music landscape dates back to the mid-90s – when c...
Sep 2018
Towards the end of every year, we ask our listeners and patrons to take a look back at the music of the year and offer their opinions on the best that the year had to offer – musically speaking....
Dec 2015
While the notion of a Celtic pop/rock band is not exactly original, it definitely was unique at the time the Irish sibling-band The Corrs rose to prominence. They achieved the rare feat of fitting com...
Dec 2015
The idea that Irish sibling-band The Corrs is one of the most unique bands to have emerged in the 90s would be quite the understatement. Their power-pop template sprinkled with violin-driven Celtic em...
Oct 2015
In the mid-90s, an unlikely pop group of musically inclined siblings rose to prominence and captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Their potent concoction of power-pop, celtic embellishments and ...
Sep 2015