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In the mid-90s, an unlikely pop group of musically inclined siblings rose to prominence and captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Their potent concoction of power-pop, celtic embellishments and ...
Sep 2015
Earlier this year, we reviewed “Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists and Songs that Defined the 1980s” by Lori Majewski and Jonathan Bernstein. This book is a “must have...
Apr 2015
This post is by Guest Blogger Jeffrey Perkins Some say I’m old fashioned but I prefer to say “retro”. However, I am something of a “luddite”. We didn’t have colour TV in our house until 1...
Nov 2014
“Nostalgia has a shelf life” – said Boy George – the magnetic and flamboyant frontman of Culture Club when we interviewed him in October 2014. Bands reuniting for the sole purp...
Nov 2014
The art of damage control is one that very few music artists have a grasp of. Madonna excels at this. U2 has managed to have a successful career despite artistic misfires with very little damage contr...
Feb 2014