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By guest blogger Mike Brown This show may not have made much of an impact in the USA, but estimates suggest that close to 200million people across Europe tuned in to watch the 56th annual Eurovision s...
May 2011
By guest blogger Mike Brown Like a surprising number of Brits, I risked bleary eyes and a fuzzy brain today to stay up late to watch Super bowl Sunday last weekend, which whilst on at a sensible time ...
Feb 2011
By guest blogger Mike Brown Latino superstar Ricky Martin, has been somewhat quiet of late. Since his last album, 2005’s “Sound Loaded,” (not including his 2008 greatest hits,) he has been q...
Jan 2011
By guest blogger Mike Brown Whilst I am still young enough not to blush when Lady Gaga, Beyonce or any number of female pop stars, appears on MTV wearing very little, and also not even the slightest b...
Oct 2010
By guest blogger Mike Brown A leaked memo from an Island executive, branding Tom Jones’ latest offering, “a sick joke,” has done more to bolster anticipation for the new album from the 70 y...
Jul 2010