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This album review is co-written with John Grove and David Tudor In 2008, Hertfordshire (UK) natives Friendly Fires emerged with a self-titled debut album that brimmed with delectable hooks over carniv...
Aug 2019
For many of us, music is a reminder of times or phases of significance in our lives. The songs together form soundtracks to the various emotions and experiences that define certain periods of our live...
Aug 2014
This article was inspired by a recent piece of news indicating that the original New Romantic London quintet Spandau Ballet is slated to perform their first gig in America since 1985 in Austin. The gi...
Feb 2014
Every generation has spawned its share of “one hit” wonders. These “one hit” wonders are fairly abundant commodities in the sphere of pop music. It is the “one album̶...
May 2013