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Bobby Brown Returns with a new single

6 March 2011 No Comment
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Fallen angels have always interested me – especially when they fall from dizzying highs to heartbreaking lows. After Bobby Brown earned his place in music history with the brilliant “Don’t be cruel” album at the age of 19, everything that followed was far from flattering. Musically, he found it next to impossible to repeat the success of “Don’t be cruel”. By the mid-90s, he was known more for being Mr. Whitney Houston (which is a shame since musically he is far more entertaining than his ex-wife Ms Houston). By the late-90s, he was known for his misguided ego and run-ins with the law. In the 2000s, he resorted to the ultimate “has-been” avenue – a reality show titled “Being Bobby Brown” which featured him, his ex-wife Whitney Houston, and his kids. It appears that after almost two unremarkable decades, people derive sadistic pleasure out of watching him “fall over and over again” and are quick to write him off (something that seems to be reflected in the ratings of this song).

That being said, this song is a welcome return from Bobby Brown. His voice has changed substantially since his youth. It has a harsher and grittier sound to it but the music has the same “feel good” factor that earlier hits such as “Every little step” and “My prerogative” did. The chorus is catchier than anything new on the radio today. It is “poptastic” at its core and does not even sound remotely derivative of anything else out there. It’s just a good uptempo r&b-infused pop track. The song has been out for less than day and its already stuck in my head. I think Bobby’s detractors need to give the song a full listen before they pounce on him for the misfires of his past. He really brings something to the table this time and people ought to listen before they pass judgment.

Whether or not this will bring Bobby Brown back to the limelight is debatable. Musically, it deserves to bring him back but will traditional AM/FM radio embrace the new Bobby Brown? Furthermore, is radio’s acceptance of Bobby Brown a good measure of his newfound zest to make music again? I sure was not holding my breath for a Bobby Brown but I find “Get out the way” a pleasant surprise.

Welcome back Bobby! I sure hope this is a sneak preview of greater material to come. Now we just need a ballad or two of the standards of “Roni” and “Rock with cha”! Until then, here is the track for you!

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